RPA Components understands the unique challenges that are faced in sourcing parts from international manufacturers.

Whether your concern is price, availability, exacting tolerance or unusual specifications we can take the hassle out of the negotiations between specification and receiving delivery of the product.

We are not merchants or distributors so there is no mark up and you will deal directly with the ISO certified manufacturer.

We have in-house engineering expertise of the highest calibre and can guarantee that you will be dealing with a manufacturer who can best meet your needs.

Case Study: Defence Industry

A machine shop to source large aluminium castings and machine to close tolerances and finish paint structural elements of Naval Guns.

The requirement also called for the refurbishment of existing castings for the same equipment.

Computerised measuring machine to accept 2m x 2m x 2m components also required.

Full QA documentation also being required to meet UK/MOD needs and a high level of Project Management expertise to maintain control of contract programme.

Case Study: Chemical Industry

High Integrity Cylindrical Castings

We manufacture over 270 materials for casting and special products according to customer specifications, including products that meet the highest corrosion and wear requirements! Our partners are experienced in all different kinds of coatings, so we can supply ready coated components that are compatibly finished to the narrowest of tolerances.

For pump construction we supply shaft end sleeves, casings, split rings and seat rings in highly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials. Depending on customer requirements, we can either pre-machine these or finish them ready to be fitted. Our ready finished components keep your downtime to a minimum.

Our Products are used in a multitude of highly critical sectors e.g in power stations and equipment for the chemical industry, where the failure of a component would have catastrophic consequences. Perfect quality is therefore our overriding objective. Internal and external inspections and audits are routinely conducted at our company.

Case Study: Construction Industry

Light weight, high strength, aesthetically pleasing components

Investment or lost wax casting offers the best surface finish available on carbon steel parts. With minimal polishing a high level of surface finish can be obtained. Where at all possible holes are cast in to give a totally even surface finish on parts which give close dimensional tolerances and a high rate of repeatability without secondary operations.

Parts up to 50kg (steel) are not uncommon by this process from our Chinese foundry.

Case Study: Marine Industry

High Integrity good surface finish on heavy wall section bronze casting

Conversion to Gravity Die or Permanent Mold Casting from Sand Casting or Shell Moulding provided a good solution on one customer.

A clean dust free casting with superior surface finish and high production rates and increase reliability.

Significant reduction in porosity increased yields and reliability of semi automated machining line.

Higher tooling cost being rewarded with lower piece prices and greater reliability.

Case Study: Cement Industry

Bronze Bushes

Large diameter Centrifugal Castings capability for heavy engineering industry.

Full and split bushes in high lead content alloy for rotary kilns.

Diameters up to 3000 and weighing more than 7500kg.

Aluminium Bronze for rolling mills and heavy presses. For Shipyard, Power generation, Cement and Chemical and Industry Bearings. High lead content Bronze Alloys.

Aluminium Centrifugal Castings also produced to this 3000mm to diameter.

Case Study: Medical Equipment

Near shape castings requiring minimal machining

Investment or Lost Wax Casting - the oldest casting process known to man - originally developed to produce arrow heads in the "Bronze Age" now is in major use to repair humans and animals rather than to damage them.

A popular process for "Implants" and surgical instruments.