Forgings (Steel & Aluminium)

Whatever your forging requirements, we have the solution that’s right for you. We can offer many forging processes from small Closed Die Forgings weighing as little as 0.1kgs to large Open Die Forging up to and in excess of 25 tonnes. We are also able to supply seamless rolled rings up to 4-5 metres in diameter. In Steels and Aluminium.

All our forgings are produced by the finest Spanish, Indian and Chinese manufacturers who are recognized around the globe for their quality, excellent value and technical expertise. They are also ISO 9001:2008 approved.

We can offer forgings black as forged, proof machined and fully machined in materials including Carbon Steel, low-medium-high alloy steel, stainless steel, superalloy & nickel alloy steel, titanium, tool steels, aluminium.

Supply Range

Custom Forgings:
Seamless rolled rings: from OD 200mm to 4300mm
Open die forgings: from 50kg to 50 tons
Close die forgings: from 0.1kg to 700kg
Upset Forgings: from 5kg to 100kg

Ring Rolling from high-grade centrifugally cast steel

Fast Solution for special alloys

In ring rolling process, rings with a small diameter are expanded in the ring rolling equipment while in a red hot state. While the ring is turning, a roller presses on the outer diameter, while a second roller presses from the inside at the same time.

A third cone shaped roller ensures that the ring height is the correct measurement. The ring weight remains unchanged. Only the ring outer diameter increases slowly, while the wall thickness decreases continuously.

Previously, wrought iron blocks have been used as a source material for ring rollers. We have just begun rolling out rings from high grade centrifugally cast steel. Tests have shown that the structure of the piece as well as the mechanical values will only be affected to a minor degree using this technique. By using centrifugally cast steel as a source material, there is a noticeably higher material diversity and also the possibility of manufacturing a small number of pieces to large ring dimensions very quickly. Every material, which can be forged and cast, can be quickly manufactured in this way.

The limits of this technique depend on the material and have an outer diameter of approx 1,600 mm and a max height of 300mm. the pieces weigh a max of 300 kg.